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Tahni Froudist


Producer Bootcamp is a fantastic course for independent producers at all stages of their career. I found it invigorating to be reminded of so many pieces of the producing puzzle, and to be able to discuss these with a group of likeminded peers. The content is pitched perfectly and so easily applied to day-to-day work. I am really looking forward to using all of the lessons learned to grow my business.

Harlow Carey

Artist/Producer - Gravity Dolls

Working with Laura was exactly what I needed! I was feeling stuck, lacking clarity, and really needed some support. In our first session, we conducted a ‘health test’ and identified what key areas we would focus on. As the mentoring sessions came and went, I started to regain confidence in business and got my mojo back. Cannot recommend MILKE enough!

Joel Carnegie

Artistic Director - The Space Company

Working with MILKE on my theatre tour was an incredible experience. As an absolute pro, I knew I had a trusted ally just a phone call away, with her sage advice and industry knowledge coming in handy especially when navigating the trickier aspects of producing a show. Thank you so much, Laura, it’s been a delight!

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